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Secretive, seductive, and skilled in the art of companionship… Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I’m just the thing you’ve been missing in your life. I’m upbeat, sweet, exciting and enticing. Let’s meet and play— have some fun and drift off into wherever you want to go next. I’m your companion, your temptress, your friend, your lover or whatever your heart’s desire in between Delhi female escorts. Let me entertain you…it would be my pleasure. I love to keep your senses engaged while providing a stress-free and soothing arrangement. I love conversation, and also enjoy to massage and nurture you with my hands or … 😉 As far as looks go… There are photos of me and stats on this profile and my website— I invite you to peruse the web. I am in great shape from dance, yoga and running regularly, stand 5’8 tall (add a couple inches with heels), with long legs that compliment my toned pear-shaped body. I am of European-descent, American born, with thick, curly, long brown hair, I often wear straight Delhi cheap escorts. My eyes and smile are often times told to be a couple of my best features, but you can decide for yourself. I love to talk about the latest good news, the arts, meditation, yoga, music, ideas, philosophy, shows, travel, culture, experiences, love and lust, sexual fantasies, role play, and everything in between. I’m sweet and sensual, and open for almost anything your heart’s desire… it would be my pleasure- just ask! Some extra info about me— I’m ready to travel with passport and carry on suitcase always ready. *Fly-me-to-you* anywhere in the country (or world) for a minimum of four hours-advanced booking and deposit preferred. I’m VERY responsive to touch, intoxicating and possibly addictive. Consider me your FANTASY specialist. Just ask… Role Play, Swingers clubs, **** worship, light BDSM, massage, teasing, DIRTY TALKER, cuckholds, Doubles, oh- so much more… too many to list. I am also available and certified for massage, fitness instruction, yoga, nutrition and organizational help in all arenas of your life (we can talk about it if you’re interested, otherwise ignore that and lets get back to fantasy land) Delhi vip escorts. All that is extra, what I really enjoy is making sure you walk away with a sense of relief and a smile on your face. Here’s my availability: SF Bay Area Outcalls – Feb 9, 13 & 20- 29 SF Union Square Incall Jan 31 & Feb 1 *Fly me to you* + SF Bay Area incalls on date other than what is listed- available per request Washington, DC Incall/Outcall – Feb 14- 18 Doubles available w/LilyGFE… Delhi premium escorts.

Surbhi Rana

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