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Niagara Falls - Opening March 2nd, 2020!

British Pride Bakery is excited to announce the acquisition of Ontario's Premier Scottish Butcher, Crawford's (British Grocer Niagara).

We will be opening the doors of our new British Pride Bakery location on March 2nd, 2020!

The address is 3643 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2J 2K8.

Crawford's was opened in 1977 by a Scottish Expat, Stewart Crawford and along with his son Robert Crawford they built a very reputable business producing the highest quality, most authentic Scottish Butchery items in Ontario and beyond.

For over 41 years, Crawford's products have been present in the British community, from traditional haggis and slice sausage to Ayrshire bacon and English bangers nobody does it better.

Robert has been running the butchery since 1985 and has been British Pride Bakery's main butcher supplier since our opening in 2010. We know his product very well and our customers love it, Robert also knows our product and dedication to quality.

It is this professional working relationship and mutual respect that has given Robert the confidence that we are the right business to carry on his and his fathers legacy. We are extremely excited to get to work with Robert and that work will begin immediately, to ensure a smooth transition.

For up to date news on our acquisition, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our mailing list (via the form on our homepage).

- Aaron Armstrong

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