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One Year in Burlington Party!

Save the date! On June 1st we will be celebrating our first year in Burlington! To thank you for your amazing support, both in shopping with us and voting the bakery as the best British store in Burlington we have a few plans in store! 1. Free BBQ! We will be serving square sausage on a bun, as well as a variety of other meats and fried onions

2. Prizes for the adults

3. Free lucky bags for the kids!

4. A special appearance from 'Piper in the Burg' who will be playing the bagpipes outside of the shop!

"Piper in the Burg" in action!

5. Jaw dropping special offers in-store!

6. And last but not least, we are teaming up with the Burlington Food Bank to help raise donations. The community has been so welcoming to our Bakery, family and staff in the last year so we want to give a little back. More details on this will be announced soon!

There will be kilts, free food, free stuff for the kids, there will even be bagpipes echoing around the neighbourhood! We hope to see you there!

Thanks again for reading! - Aaron Armstrong

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