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Thank you for a great day!

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

When we opened our doors in Burlington just over a year ago we never expected to be where we are today. We've said it a million times before and will say it a million times again, thank you. The support we have received since day one has been remarkable, you rallied behind our delays and understood we were in no control of what the city were requesting! But alas, we were open for business and we haven't looked back!

There is a real sense of community among our customers, both in store and online. On a regular basis we have new customers walking through our doors because of seeing your shares and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! The word of mouth spread by you is the most effective means of our business growing and looking at the turnout on Saturday it seems you lot haven't shut up about us!!! (We love you for that of course).

Some of the numbers from this weekend; over 450 sausage sandwiches made, 899 raffle entries collected, a full bin of non-perishables collected as well as a full cash donation box for the Burlington Food Bank and 100 goody bags handed out to the kids!

We got to meet lots of customers who we talk to on a regular basis across our social media platforms, including Paul A. from Typically British Toronto! We also saw lots of new faces, largely drawn to the event because of the amazing Piper In The Burg who was playing the bagpipes either side of noon! The true highlight of the day were all the kids with their goody bags, proportionately HUGE sausage sandwiches and their grins and dance moves to the lively bagpipes! We received many messages of thanks for considering the kids in the way in which we did, we really appreciate this sort of feedback. We are a family business and families are why we can do what we do. Plus, those kids are customers for life! ;)

The Burlington Readers Choice Diamond Awards we received have opened doors for us as a business to an extent we never thought would have be the case. We have always stood behind our products and know they are loved far and wide, but to have the awards behind us and the ability to use them in our sales pitches is a great bonus! We are now in the very prestigious St. Jacobs Farmers Market, as well as supplying over 60 (so very close to 70!) wholesale accounts across Canada! The next 12 months will see the addition of 1 to 2 locations, one being Niagara (see our previous blog post) and the other still between two potential areas of a city.. that we won't say just yet! That will be for a future blog post! For now, we look forward to bringing you the best British baked goods, imported British groceries and all round British experience you've come to know and love as we head into the summer months. We will continue to keep our prices low and quality Diamond award worthy!

Mark down May 31st, 2020 as busy because we don't want you being double booked for our 2 year anniversary in Burlington! Plans are already in place to bring in a food truck, because the sheer volume we had come through on Saturday broke our brand new BBQ! At the bottom of this blog post is a short clip of the Piper In The Burg just before things got crazy! Doesn't he sound great!

Thank you for an amazing year and an amazing day, see you all again soon!

-Aaron Armstrong

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